Workshop Day

On Sunday July 28th, join us at the Grand Theater for a selection of Creative Code workshops taught by seven talented instructors, recognized for actively shaping their fields and practices.

Session 1: 10am - 1pm

Immersive Experiences with Mobile AR
Anastasia Victor

The latest developments in mobile AR technology can enable us to create Augmented Reality(AR) experiences that seamlessly blend the digital and physical worlds. The Unity game engine is an amazing tool for building interactive experiences. This workshop will provide attendees with an understanding of how to develop immersive AR apps for their phone with Unity.

Creating Kaleidoscopes with TouchDesigner
Stephen Standridge

Learn to build an interactive kaleidoscope with Touch Designer and Arduino. This workshop traverses an interactive art pipeline from the hardware layer through the network into the application layer and onto the GPU. It introduces TouchDesigner a visual programming tool for rapid prototyping and real time graphics and the ESP-32, a well-supported microcontroller.

Worldbuilding for Immersive Works
Nick Fortugno

This workshop looks at the role storytelling plays in immersive work and explores how thinking about how story can enrich and expand an interactive piece when built with the immersive experience in mind. Nicholas Fortugno, creator of immersive pieces that have appeared at Sundance, Tribeca, and the Future of Storytelling, teaches techniques for how to build storyworlds as the foundation for exhibiting narratives in installation pieces and methods for using exploration as a primary mode of telling a story.

Session 2: 2pm - 5pm

Scanning Objects and Architecture with Photogrammetry
Gabriel Dunne

Creating 3D objects from 2D photographs is a process is called "photogrammetry", and it requires a very specific type of photography. This process allows you to scan everything from objects and people, to architecture and landscapes.

This workshop goes over the entire process from start to finish, including photographic techniques, lighting conditions, and post-processing methods to generate accurate 3D models from photos. There are a few different strategies you can use when acquiring images, and this workshop goes over everything you need to know to scan objects and architectural spaces.

Sound As Scent: A Synesthesia Workshop
Anna Novakov and Ron Hutt

Sounds and smells are natural sensory partners that use parallel systems of organization, notation and composition. They are also two of our most primal and emotive senses.

By using Sonic Pi, a live coding environment and olfactory smell notes from a perfume organ, we will create our own multi-sensory compositions. The pieces, produced individually or in small teams, will be curated into a group installation which addresses the possibilities of inducing synesthesia through creative associations of sound and scent.

Building Digital Synthesizers with Arduino
Taurin Barrera

In this hands-on workshop, students will learn the basics of building, programming, and performing with DIY synthesizers. In the process of building your very own synth, you will learn about fundamental electronic components, how to read circuit schematics and diagrams, how to solder printed circuit boards (PCBs), and how to make bizarre and wonderful sounds on the Arduino/Ardutouch platform.