Inferno: Robotic Exoskeleton Performance

Gray Area is proud to present Inferno, an interactive robotic performance by artists Louis-Philippe Demers and Bill Vorn at the Grand Theater.

Featuring 12 machine-powered exoskeletons, Inferno offers a uniquely interactive experience in that audience members, clad in mechanical suits, will be part of the performance. Expanding on Gray Area’s current focus on immersive design, the work invites the public to become an active part of our Gray Area Festival Performance this summer.

Shifting the command from artist to computer and role of audience to performer, Inferno questions the nature of control and agency in the landscape of technology and performance today. Inspired by depictions of hell in Dante’s Inferno and the Singaporean Haw Par Villa, the work expresses archetypical depictions of hell suggesting an infinite and mundane loop under which the body is forced to perform motions endlessly. The experience of being remotely controlled, dependent on the whim of an invisible actor, plays with the fear of a machine taking control of our body.

We invite you to become an active part of the Inferno performance as an Exoskeleton Performer.

Inferno at the Grand Theater

From July 25 through 28, Inferno will be presented at Gray Area's Grand Theater in San Francisco for 10 shows only.


7/25 Thursday
8:30pm: Show 1
10:30pm: Show 2

7/26 Friday
8:30pm: Show 3
10:30pm: Show 4

7/27 Saturday
6:30pm: Show 5
8:30pm: Show 6
10:30pm: Show 7

7/28 Sunday
6:30pm: Show 8
8:30pm: Show 9
10:30pm: Show 10

All Inferno shows are located at Gray Area / Grand Theater at 2665 Mission Street in San Francisco.