Audiovisual Performances

Friday Night Performances

On Friday night, Hundred Waters, the band responsible for co-founding and curating the micro-festival FORM Arcosanti, with releases on OWLSA will play their signature acoustic and electronic music with a special visual installation by visual artist and designer Erik van der Molen. Eartheater premieres a new live set off her recent album from the PAN record label featuring obsessively detailed sonic tapestries. The evening will open with a very special experimental vinyl set by DJ and Producer Lily Ackerman.

Saturday Night Performances

Saturday night, opens with a live modular synth performance by local talent Layne. The evening continues with Patricia bringing his idiosyncratic sound design of do-it-yourself house and techno. Both Layne and Patricia will be paired with visuals by local VJ Subset. We present Second Woman, a new collaborative project featuring Telefon Tel Aviv's Joshua Eustis and Turk Dietrich of Belong along with visuals and lights by Berlin-based Pfadfinderei. To end the night, Machinedrum brings us the eclectic stylings that have established him as electronic music’s true Renaissance man.

Preview the musical journey of Friday & Saturday nights with our playlist featuring original tracks by Hundred Waters, Eartheater, Lily Ackerman, Second Woman, Machinedrum, Patricia, & Layne.