Generative Graphics with vvvv

Generative Graphics with vvvv

In this two-day workshop, learn to create generative graphics using node based programming language called vvvv. During this session you will learn to build an immersive visual system, by applying various visual effects on a 3D animated character exported using Adobe Mixamo. This session will be a practical introduction to vvvv, with focus on 3D graphics and using data. For those who are interested in creating immersive visuals through code with the flexibility of creating interactive, physical experiences, this workshop is the perfect place to start.

Experience Level: Beginner to Intermediate.

• Windows PC with a microphone input and a mouse (both necessary for this workshop)
• Install vvvv beta 64bit version.

Monday September 28 &
Wednesday September 30
5 – 8pm PST

Takuma Nakata

Takuma Nakata is a freelance computational (visual | spatial) artist based in Kyoto/Japan. He grew up in Senegal, Brazil, and Indonesia experiencing a world of cultures, inspiring his passion for designing procedural landscapes through digital technologies. Nakata is a creative resident in Adobe Creative Residency from 2019 – 2020