Electronic Prototyping for Designers

Electronic Prototyping for Designers

Whether you want to make a heated knee brace, an interactive wall display using light and touch, or a jacket with lights for biker safety, this class is designed to teach you the fundamentals to apply to your own projects. Together, we’ll learn to make a heating pad warm up and we’ll learn to read data from pressure sensors. We’ll also learn the basic terminology, giving you the tools to understand a basic tutorial from Adafruit or Sparkfun.

Tuesday September 29 &
Thursday October 1
5 – 7pm PST

Madison Maxey

Madison Maxey is a designer turned materials scientist focused on bringing e-textiles to scale as Founder and CEO at LOOMIA. Throughout the course of her work at LOOMIA, she has done e-textiles work and education for fortune 500 companies. Maddy’s work has built the foundation for 4 granted patents and has lead to invited lectures at Universities such as Columbia University, Parsons School of Design, NYU and University of Illinois Champagne Urbana. In addition to soft circuits, Maddy has done computational design and physical computing work for the F.I.T Museum, Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit, CNBC’s Jump Jive and Thrive and Google Creative Lab. She has also held creative technology residences at the School of visual Arts, Autodesk, and Pratt’s BF+DA (where she won the BF+DA Technology Innovation Award).