Conceptual Cartography With Mapbox

Conceptual Cartography With Mapbox

In the world of modern digital maps, the lines between cartography, art, and web design are blurring. In this workshop, explore this intersection with senior map designer Vanessa Knoppke-Wetzel and cartographer/artist-in-residence Jonni Walker. Take a journey through creative map design and learn new tools for working with location in data, coding, and art.

Mapbox is a live location data platform powering maps and navigation experiences for mobile, web, gaming, and automotive. They maintain SDKs for developers building for Android, iOS, Unity 3D, and web, and APIs for rendering beautiful, custom maps and performing spatial functions. The Mapbox Education program works with instructors and students across disciplines to connect the classroom to the latest that the Mapbox platform has to offer: Design beautiful maps in Mapbox Studio, develop interactive web maps with Mapbox GL JS, and use Mapbox APIs and kits to build location-based games and mobile apps.

Experience Level: Beginner

Saturday October 3
11am – 2pm PST

Vanessa Knoppke-Wetzel & Jonni Walker

Vanessa Knoppke-Wetzel
Vanessa is a detail-oriented cartographer, analyst and designer that loves thinking about how to create and design products and utilize spatial data to tell visual stories in the best way possible. She is a Senior Map Designer at Mapbox, an editor for the Atlas of Design, and also the founder of #creativeCarto. In her free time, you can find her lifting weights, running, or enjoying the outdoors. Chat with her on twitter: @run_for_funner
Jonni Walker

Jonni is a Data Visualisation Artist and Cartographer, who’s work was featured in VISME best Data Visualisations of 2019, The Ordnance Survey Best Geo Data Visualisations of 2019 and has been featured in Andy Kirk’s Best of the Visualisation Web 8 times. If he is not mapping he is walking his Spaniel Finn. @jonni_walker