Seamlessly Looping Art with Processing

Seamlessly Looping Art with Processing

Learn coding techniques for producing, polishing, and publishing seamless looping gifs and videos.

This workshop will focus on a creative coding environment called Processing, which is designed to make it easy to generate all kinds of visual content using code. We will use Processing to create seamlessly looping animations, using the repeating nature of the sine function to modulate different elements in our Processing sketches, as well as the noise function to add an organic quality to our output.

We’ll also cover techniques for adding visual appeal to our content, and look at tools for publishing our content as gifs or videos suitable for sharing on social media.

Although this course will use Processing, most of the techniques are applicable to any creative coding environment, including openFrameworks, TouchDesigner, and more.

No previous Processing experience required, although you will need to be familiar with programming fundamentals (variables, types, and functions) and not be too afraid of math.

Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced.

• The free graphical library and integrated development environment Processing, download here

Sunday October 4
3 – 6pm PST

Soma Holiday

Soma Holiday is a San-Francisco-based creative technologist, educator, and software engineer with a special enthusiasm for community, geometry, and LEDs. He believes in the exploration of technology as a medium for creative expression.

He developed a love for geometric looping gifs in the early days of Tumblr and finds coding them in Processing to be a meditative practice.

Soma is the founder of Lacuna Lab, a collaborative art-and-technology collective in Berlin; was a student and instructor at the School of Machines, Making, and Make-Believe; and has been the software engineer for several large-scale interactive lighting installations, including the Temple of Direction at Burning Man 2019.