Zo with Fraction

Audio Visual Performance

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About Zo

Zo, which consists of interdisciplinary artist Lea Fabrikant and audiovisual musician Tarik Barri, employ an intricate system of improvised AV loops, and creative programming to create a virtual universe of light in real-time, reflecting reality in hypnotic, improvised performances. 

For this special audiovisual performance, the duo sit opposite each other, using a camera, microphone, keyboard, controllers, and projection to create an audiovisual universe that slowly arises from silence and emptiness to become a realtime instrument. 

Zo’s symbiotic performance style becomes apparent as they draw out the journeying qualities of the piece, as Barri moves around a world populated and shaped by Fabrikant’s analogue improvisations. In their own words, “We invite you not just to see our work, we also wish to share its creation from moment to moment, as we respond to each other and the technology surrounding us, to what we hear and what we see.” 

Tarik Barri is an audiovisual musician, creating performances and installations
through his constantly developing self-programmed 3D audiovisual space. Previous
collaborations include Thom Yorke, Sote, Paul Jebanasam, Nicolas Jaar and Robert
Lea Fabrikant is an interdisciplinary artist, creating, destroying and compiling
expressions/errors by using her voice, instruments and various materials. The results
live in the intersections between sound, image and technology.