Zane Witherspoon

When 21-year-old Dispatch Labs CTO Zane Witherspoon isn’t building the future of distributed ledger technology. Zane is highly acclaimed as a public speaker for his rare ability to speak to highly technical audiences in a language that is accessible and enjoyable to experts and the crypto-curious alike. Zane is an internationally-recognized author on distributed consensus architecture, and the creator of Decentralized Asynchronous Proof of Stake (DAPoS), a revolutionary consensus algorithm purpose-built for massive data transfers, and enterprise-scale applications on the blockchain. He leads technical development of the Dispatch Protocol.

Formerly a network security specialist, Zane started building on, and investing in blockchain in 2016. He’s the co-founding organizer of the San Francisco Ethereum Meetup, which allowed him to become a deeply-entrenched member of the nascent crypto developer community. His hybrid skillsets uniquely position Zane as a technical leader on the Dispatch Labs team, and an asset to the blockchain movement as a whole. When he isn’t busy building the decentralized future, you can find Zane rocking stages across the globe as DJ EthLedger.