Tongkwai Lulin

5hundred lives without debt

5hundred lives without debt ( 5ร้อยชาติปราศจากหนี้ ; 2016) was a site-specific, interactive prototype at Wat Buddha Thai Thavorn Vanaram Temple, in Elmhurst, Queens NY. As a 1-year nationwide mourning period was established in Thailand late 2016, temple visitors in Queens experienced a 3D environment on a TV monitor alongside sermons and prayers. Between folk rituals, communal preaching and state-sponsored grief, “5 hundred lives without debt” infiltrates diasporic places of memorabilia.

Tongkwai Lulin

Tongkwai L. is an artist and designer, living and working in NY. Her work proposes techniques on folklore, language, and built environments through new media practices, performance and sound. She also operates as baitong~xystemes.