Reza Ali

About Reza Ali

Reza Ali is a new media artist and researcher. His work is centered around computational design, dynamical systems, new interfaces, software studios, and product design (hardware + software + form). As an artist, he uses technology (code, form and electronics) to express himself. His works manifest themselves as either visual art, sculpture, video art, or interactive installations. Reza is interested in the ideas and implications of his works, tools, and way of working. As a researcher, he is passionate about solving complex problems by creating new technologies and open sourcing them to allow others to utilize his work to build the future. Through his art works, Reza explores the feedback cycle that occurs when customs tools are written to accomplish an artwork, and how those tools can enable artworks to go beyond what the artist had originally envisioned. He hopes to change the world by making a difference in how people use technology, design products and experience new media art and entertainment.