Patricia // M.Rav


Max Ravitz is an accomplished designer of sounds and a composer of murky, melodic electronic music designed to elicit movement in the body. For the past several years, Ravitz has been a fixture in New York’s punk-ish world of do-it-yourself house and techno, releasing a steady stream of records (under his own name or in duos Inhalants, Masks, or Pulpo, but most frequently under his own legerdemain-styled solo moniker, Patricia) on labels like Opal Tapes and L.I.E.S. A lifelong musician, Ravitz grew up on the fundamentals (piano, guitar, clarinet) but developed a heartfelt love of electronic music when he was gifted a set of turntables at a young age. These days he can be found tooling and retooling his modular synthesizers, a process that allows him to hone closely in on his own idiosyncratic sound design.