Paige Emery

About Paige Emery

Paige Emery is an artist exploring the ecological body and the ritual interactions that weave worlds.

Her work bridges poetics and praxis, mysticism and theory, healing rituals and environmental science. This takes shape through a variety of works: art installations for intercommunication between humans and nonhumans, sound pieces for deep listening between the psychic and physical realms, and healing gardens for nonlinear time and regenerative metabolism. Her work often inhabits site-specific natural spaces such as the closed ecological system Biosphere 2 in Arizona, guerilla gardens on sites of political unrest, and an upcoming show at Mt. Wilson Observatory in Los Angeles, where it was discovered that the universe is expanding.

Paige is also an embodied gardener and plant practitioner, currently working on a regenerative ecology project with a Regen Network grant and working on art and science intersections as a Supercollider SciArt Cohort. Her poetic rituals have been published by Ignota books.

She is a researcher at New Centre for Research & Practice and she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from Laguna College of Art & Design.