Niki Selken

About Niki Selken

Niki Selken¬†ūüĎ©ūüŹĽ‚ÄćūüíĽis an artist, technologist and educator. Her work focuses around ¬†storytelling, games and interaction design.¬†She is the Creative Development Lead at in the¬†Gray Area¬†where she manages the artist incubator and creative code education programs. She founded the¬†Emoji Foundation, created the¬†Emoji Dictionary, and VR game¬†EmojiFlower VR. Niki attributes her intuitive understanding of the translation and meaning of Emoji to her extensive Japanese stationery collection and study of Japanese Butoh and Noh theater.¬†In 2014 she won¬†New York NASA Space Apps¬† and placed as a global finalist for wearable tech project,¬†Senti8.¬†Her game,¬†Find Maria Rivera¬†was exhibited and selected as an Award Finalist at Indiecade 2015.¬†In 2016 she was selected¬†as a Kill Screen game design scholar andParsons E-Lab¬†fellow¬†for her¬†Augmented Reality platform,¬†Wayscape.¬†Niki‚Äôs design and Emoji work has been featured by¬†Yahoo Tech,¬†Adafruit,¬†Buzzfeed¬†and¬†Make Magazine¬†among others.