Nicholas Meehan

Nicholas Meehan (born 1978) is an American artist, technologist, sound designer, founding chairman and Artistic Director of Berlin ISM e.V. in Berlin, former Director of FEED Soundspace and Curator of the FEED Frequencies concert series at Kunst-Werke (KW) Institute for Contemporary Art. He studied at the Boston Pro Arts Consortium as part of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) Video Art program, and Berklee College of Music’s Music Synthesis and Electronic Production and Design program.

Today, Nicholas Meehan divides his time as Chairman and Artistic Director of the Berlin Institute for Sound & Music (ISM) organization, leading a team effort for the cultural preservation and advancements in sound, art, and electronic music. In addition, Meehan participates in the curation and development of projects which benefit from technological, and cultural interest, and practices music synthesis in his Berlin-based studio to create generative soundscapes for captive audiences.