Mike Rotondo

About Mike Rotondo

Mike Rotondo is a designer and developer of creative experiences, with a focus on building healthy and playful relationships between people and technology. His toys and tools allow direct manipulation of virtual matter and space, eliminating misguided abstractions and inhumane limitations.

He received a Masters in Music, Science and Technology from Stanford’s CCRMA, worked as an artist in residence at the Children’s Creativity Museum, then went to Launchpad Toys to work on apps such as Toontastic and TeleStory, and on ToonTube, a sharing service where kids could safely share their creative works with one another. Launchpad was then picked up by Google, where Mike has led a team to build Toontastic 3D in Unity while also working to bring an all-new creative tool into the world.

He is excited by the prospect of AR + VR as connective media that use human-scale movement and real-world environments to allow people to express themselves more openly and honestly.