Margot Bowman

Sommer Of Hate

Sommer Of Hate is a feminist sci-fi cartoon where political uncertainty plays out its character’s sex lives, commissioned by Channel4 Television as part of Random Acts.

Margot Bowman

Margot Bowman is a globally-minded filmmaker who creates new worlds of possibility and power. Raised in London, Bowman is currently based between New York and Los Angeles.

From transcendent music videos to culturally urgent films, Bowman’s work centers women and reveals the meaningful, undeniable truths that bring us closer to one another.

Dyslexia has pushed Bowman to relate to the world differently, making color her most important form of communication and a guiding principle of her process. Her creative approach is intimately influenced by club culture and the legacy of British youth movements — Punks, Mods, Acid House & UKG — set the tone for the alternative realities she creates.

She was recently appointed Royal Society of Arts Fellow and released Showing Up Showing Out, a documentary about the past, present, and future of Motown.