Kathleen Cohen

Kathleen Cohen is a digital and immersive, experience strategist with over 20 years building both user and guest experiences. Her background includes working as a Creative and Producer for DreamWorks Interactive, IBM Innovation, Disney Parks & Resorts, as well as a brief stint in civic engagement as the Vice President of Digital Innovation, for the National Constitution Center, helping to tell the contemporary story of our nation’s U.S. Constitution.

Currently, Kathleen’s consultancy, the Collaboratorium, focuses on immersive, disruptive and exponential technologies, AI, XR and Spatial computing projects, as it relates to themed attractions, product development, gaming and future storytelling environments. Kathleen is currently working with a 2X NBA All-Star player on diverse citywide experiences in Los Angeles, as well as the Openverse.io a new platform for free XR/Metaverse Education for K-12.

Kathleen was the Jury Chair for Europa-Park’s first ever AUREA Awards. An award given for AR/VR excellence throughout the attractions and enterprise business world. Europa-Park first introduced the VR-enhanced roller coaster in Europe in 2015.

Kathleen began career as a traditional fine artist, then turned digital artist – trained at Silicon Studios / SGI as a VFX animator in ’94. Between ’94 and today, she has worked on most every platform and vertical within the digital ecosystem. Her interest now is the next 26 years of man+machine human transformation.