YACHT with IQ and Delta-T / Matthew Biederman & Pierce Warnecke

September 30   9:00 pm

Audio Visual Performance

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About IQ

Hip-hop producer & DJ Idea Unsound and award-winning instrumentalist Q-Jin join forces as IQ to bring an electro-acoustic performance the likes never before seen. Blending classical Chinese zither with futuristic sound design, IQ is a futuristic story of east-meets-west. Idea Unsound uses visual software to construct beautiful visual FXs live with the electrifying addition of Q-Jin’s amplified zither.

QJin is an award-winning instrumentalist and recording artist who blends traditional Chinese instrumentation with modern sound design and production techniques via Ableton Live and bespoke hardware. She has been playing Guzheng since the age of eight and has been featured in various AAA game soundtracks, including having performed as a soloist for the Mortal Kombat 11 intro theme.

Idea Unsound is a left-field hip hop producer & DJ that mixes broken beats, futuristic vocal chops with a melodic, dubstep palette. His musical style is strongly influenced by his classical training, his love for science and technology, and his roots in dance music. His sound has been described as ‘jazz-inspired electronic music with a futuristic twist’.