Zo with Fraction

September 24   7:00 pm

Ritual for a dying planet
Audio Visual Performance

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About Fraction

Ritual for a Dying Planet

Ritual for a dying planet is the new audiovisual performance of the French new media artist Fraction, known for his immersive and spatial sound work.

Reflecting on ritual ancestral celebrations that bridge the gap between physical and mental experience, the piece is an invitation to an ecstatic experience, which seeks to produce radical jolts through the synesthetics intensity between sound and image.

The piece, although devoid of ideological proselytizing, is nevertheless positioned in a radical registry, seeking to stir the emotions in the face of systemic risks and ambient passivity, and calls in particular deliberately provocative, since nothing
changes while everything burns, to celebrate by a collective ritual the incandescence and end of the light.

If the system can’t be changed by politics, could it be by radical feelings and emotions? Aesthetically, as a praise to the distortion of visual and sound matter, the 25mn performance unfolds along a fusional exchange between these two
mediums inviting the audience to let itself be bewitched and why not reach a new mental state.

Created live, the performance relies on real time generative visual content, and a noisy and spectral
sound direction, which together build a contemporary and digital ritual.


Fraction is Eric Raynaud a french sound and new media art artist whose work particularly focuses on spatial sound experiences and generative visuals synthesis. His first musical productions appeared on the German label Shitkatapult before joining the Parisien prestigious label INFINE in 2008.

After his first release on the label InFiné, Raynaud moved away from traditional music fields to focus on digital arts, working on complex stage designs and hybrid writings that combines visual, sound and physical medias. In 2013, he developed DROMOS for Mutek Festival (Canada), an immersive performance that found a lot of echoes in the blogosphere and eventually get feature by Apple for its 30 years birthday video clip. Since then, he has kept on merging 3D immersive sound with contemporary art and architecture together, incorporating his questioning on themes that combine science and contemporary sociology. Experimentations on the spatial, physical and emotional characteristics of sounds are on the epicenter of his atypical work.

He is awarded by Institut Français in Digital Arts field in 2014 and led a several months research and creation at Society for Arts and Technology of Montreal on sound immersion and new media interactions that drove him to create Entropia, an immersive experience that became emblematic in the field of audiovisual performance, and eventually toured the world between 2016-2018.
In 2016, he was the first artist in residency invited to the innovative Spatial Sound Institute created by 4DSound in Budapest (Hungary), which takes the form of a unique sound system in the world where he re-visits the atypical work Of Xenakis,
Persepolis. Since 2018, he’s still an associated artist of the institute for the project Bardo in which he explores several innovative approach in the field of resonant spaces, and writing.

He was nominated as SHAPE artist 2017, a European program of 16 festivals and an arts center that supports musicians and pluridisciplinary artists with innovative approaches in Europe. In 2018 he’s laureate of IRCAM’s Artist in Residency research program for the project Symbiosis where he pushes in the context of fundamental research, new ways for audiovisual synthesis and interaction between sound and generative visuals (in collaboration with SAT Montreal.)

From sound to contemporary art, his skills and creations covers a wide spectrum of aesthetic langage where sounds takes an important place. Either through collaboration, of for his solo works, he is regularly featured in the major new media art and sound art events in the world.