worlding protocol
October 20-26, 2021
worlding protocol
October 20-26, 2021 & Sammie Veeler

New Art City

Sunday October 24
4:20PM PST 

New Art City is a digital toolkit and online space for the virtual installation of born-digital and digitized traditional media works. Since its creation in 2019, New Art City has become a hub for both emerging and established creators to bring their work into the metaverse in new and exciting ways. For WORLDING PROTOCOL, New Art City Founder and Gallery Director Sammie Veeler worked with the Gray Area team to produce the immersive online exhibition DIORAMA. In this presentation, and Veeler will discuss what New Art City is, how it works as a toolkit, and their broader mission to bring inclusiveness, accessibility, and integrity together in a robust online community centered around innovative ways to display artwork online. is a new media × internet artist producing web-based interactive work and digital media tools since 2008. As founder of New Art City he aims to provide an accessible toolkit to all types of artists and create a connected online home for born-digital artifacts. His personal artwork aims to discover and amplify aesthetics intrinsic to data formats, user interfaces and the world wide web. lives and works in Oakland, California.

Sammie Veeler

Sammie Veeler is a multimedia artist and Gallery Director of New Art City, based in Los Angeles, CA.