Di-Ann Eisnor

About Di-Ann Eisnor

Di-Ann Eisnor lives in Palo Alto, by way of Portland, Boston, New York City, and Amsterdam. Since moving to the Northwest, she has pressed apples, canned pickles and peppers (incorrectly), pressed wine, increased werewolf play and raised chickens.

Di-Ann is a neogeography pioneer, employing all means to increase the world’s citizen mappers. In addition to being active in a few non-profits and showing her psychogeography-inspired art in the US and Europe, her entrepreneurial passions lie with community development, urban exploration, community cartography and social mapping – in fact, she believes social mapping to be a critical tool for cultural diplomacy.

Di-Ann functions as both Chairman of Platial, The People’s Atlas, and as Community Geographer at Waze.