Cynthia Gayton

Cynthia M. Gayton, Esq. holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Affairs from The George Washington University and a Juris Doctor degree from George Mason University School of Law. Cynthia is a member of both the State Bar of Virginia and the District of Columbia Bar. She is the owner of Gayton Law, in Arlington, Virginia which concentrates on small business formation, intellectual property, information technology, and business transactions/contracts. In addition, she has worked for the federal government, in the private sector and for non-profit organizations. Ms. Gayton is the author of “Legal Aspects of Engineering, Design and Innovation” published by Kendall-Hunt in January 2017. She has written several articles on smart contracts, IP and blockchain including: “AttributionCoin – Social Media Cryptocurrency using Blockchain” (May 17, 2018); “Crypto Assets and the Arts – What I’ll be thinking about in 2018” (January 3, 2018);  “Tokens, Branding and Digital Assets” (June 20, 2017); “Smart Contracts, Cryptocurrency and Taxes – For Artists” (October 24, 2017). She has participated in crypto-art related panel discussions including the Rare Digital Art Festival (January 2018) and the CryptoCreative Symposium (May 2018). She is the co-host of the Art on the Blockchain podcast with Jeff “DJ J Scrilla” Clarkin.