Charles Lindsay

Charles Lindsay

Charles Lindsay is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work synthesizes ideas about technology, eco-systems, semiotics and humor. He creates immersive environments, sound installations, sculptures built from salvaged aerospace and bio-tech equipment, photographs and videos.

Educated as an exploration geologist Lindsay is the SETI Institute’s AIR Program Director, a Guggenheim Fellow, Fellow at the Nevada Museum of Art’s Center for Art and Environment, and the innovator behind OSA EARS – a Costa Rica based project designed to deliver real time high resolution sound and data from one of the world’s most bio-diverse rain forests to anyone anywhere with internet. OSA EARS and it’s parallel ECOTONE experience will link contemporary art centers to the jungle in real time. Both are in development with Bell Labs and ARUP. Lindsay is also developing a wind tunnel based work for the Today Art Museum in Beijing.

Works from Lindsay’s FIELD STATION, an evolving hybrid installation, recently showed at MASS MoCA, NUMU Los Gatos, and are currently on view at the Des Moines Art Center. His “Rocket Brain” inter-active sculpture will be shown at Hosfelt Gallery in San Francisco as part of the “Garage Inventors” group show – opening May 6th, 2017