Chacha Sikes

About Chacha Sikes

Chach is a Bay Area based artist and civic maker. For the Market Street Prototyping Festival she (and her little sister!) created a Soul Gym (née Daily Boost) for boosting positive emotions (such as compassion, dominance and benevolence) in public space. This piece consisted of some golden power pose wings and a giant throne for reigning over Market Street.

She also created Fruit Fence, which were clip on planters for fences, for Urban Prototyping Festival in 2012. There also was a civic lemon-sharing game for the Bay Area called Lemonopoly (2012) for the Zero 1 festival and Come Out and Play. She was 2011 Code for America fellow, and prior to that, spent 6 years working on exhibit development teams for the Exploratorium and Science Museum of Minnesota. She is very interested in doing more civic-focused physical product design.