Celeste Martore

About Celeste Martore

CelesteĀ (b. 1994, San Francisco, CA) is an artist based in Los Angeles. She was trained in architecture at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Before that, she worked independently as a set designer in Los Angeles and San Francisco. She has taught set design and architecture at various universities in the US. Her eye is trained to the corners, the in-betweens, and the hidden-yet-very-visible patches of a city that authors tender moments of ritual, performance, and play. Her works take various forms, mostly photography, sculpture and architecture. Her works are indebted to the dispossessed and unhoused populations in the Bay Area, the original land stewards and indigenous peoples of the Pacific and the Americas, the revolutionary spirit of native South Africans, and the generations of families spread across the diaspora in search of home.

Image Credits: Brenda (BZ) Zhang