Anna Novakov

Anna Novakov operates as a writer, curator and independent artist whose practice currently focuses on the transitory modalities of the olfactory and gastronomic arts. By focusing on spaces of interdisciplinary contamination, Novakov (Ph.D. New York University) is able to unpack historical events through an interdependent artistic lens. The author of dozens of books, articles and exhibition catalogues, Novakov is Senior Curator of Provisional Art Space (New York), Art and Technology contributor to Art Press (Paris) and a Vice President (USA) of the AICA – International Association of Art Critics (Paris). She teaches workshops in the olfactory and gastronomic arts at the San Francisco Art Institute and is publisher of Base Camp Press (New York). Current projects include Phobic Smells (series of scented zines), Red Leather (an olfactory radio play about 1960s Belgrade), Linger: Scent in 20th Century Cinema (book) and Black Carbon (museum exhibition), Petrichor: An Olfactory Opera (performance) and Baked Goods: Olfactory Memories of Home in the Work of Yugoslav Artists in the Diaspora (book chapter). Contact Information: anovakov@provisionalart.space