Anthony Ciannamea is a Chicago-born filmmaker and designer inspired by the intersection of technology, mythology, and mysticism in storytelling.  After nearly a decade as an interface designer and creative coder in Chicago, Anthony co-founded ScenicStudio.tv and has spent past few years directing a series of music videos and a feature-length documentary (“Outliers, Vol. I: Iceland“).  The now San Francisco-based creative director is currently focused on bringing his analog, lo-fi cinema aesthetic to live performance visuals as well as helping artists and independent labels introduce dimensional narrative into releases.

Obsessed with blending digital processes and modern tools with an anthropological curiosity to re-contextualize the past, he recently spent the past year producing live visuals as a monthly resident at Low End Theory SF, on tour with Shigeto, as well as events for Deru and Prefuse 73.

Anthony runs EFFIXX – a small studio focused on making beautiful things and telling stories with physical objects in real spaces.